The modern screen composer requires an array of skills to deliver a professional product and grow their career; it is not enough to be able to write great music. To thrive in this industry you need a high level of technical skills in music production, to be a great communicator, excel in project management and have a solid foundation in the film-making process.
I’ve been able to acquire these skills through a combination of experience, university training and having great mentors. Even with 27 years experience as a musician, producer and composer I still strive each day to learn new skills, new ways of telling stories through music and to challenge my preconceptions about the art form.
I offer online coaching for screen composers who want to develop up-to-date, practical skills that can be applied across all kinds of production. I challenge my students to delve into the conceptual level of making film music, to connect their work in some meaningful way to the story and to focus on developing a unique voice as a composer.
As I need to fit coaching in around a hectic and ever-changing schedule of film and TV work, I’m only interested in students who will be committed to following through on the work and are genuinely interested in self improvement.
If you’re serious about taking your craft to the next level, please email me at and tell me what you’d like to achieve.