One Less God

2nd Aug 2016

Thomas has signed on to score the psychological thriller 'One Less God'

When members of the Islamic extremist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, the “Army of the Righteous”, lay siege to a luxury hotel in the heart of Mumbai, a diverse group of guests are thrown together in a desperate bid for survival.

Outside, the ill-equipped Indian authorities reel. Inside, for over 72 hours, the young terrorists, sleep deprived, coked up, and enraptured by their opulent surrounds, are urged on by their handler to methodically stalk the hotel and eliminate the guests.

When two Jewish celebrities are revealed to be hiding somewhere in the hotel, their deadly search takes on a new level of fervour. As the hunt intensifies, the suffocating tension begins to take its toll on both sides – until the relentless pressure and clash of beliefs forces a chain of deadly mistakes.

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